5 Ways to get your family active and moving

We want our families to be healthy, fit and happy, but these days it’s become quite a task to get the kids out and active, especially when we’re not leading by example.


A good way to overcome this obstacle is to make being active a fun family activity – here are a few things you can do to get the whole family moving:

* Spring is here! When the weather is good, instead of heading into the mall on the weekend, rather get the whole family up and ready for a long walk on the beach. Be sure to take a towel for when the little ones (inevitably) wet their feet, and take the dogs along too!

* Visit the parks and nature reserves around where you live (or go for a drive to a reserve you know your family will enjoy) – have a picnic outside, take a ball, bat or frisbee and play a casual game or two. Involve the whole family and get everyone moving.

* On a ‘lazy’ day at home, get out the Swing Ball, put on the sprinkler, or get everyone into the pool – swimming, splashing in the pool, playing games or running through the sprinklers are all fun, simple activities that can be enjoyed by all.

* Chat to the animal shelters nearest to you and find out about volunteering; spending two or three hours walking homeless dogs is a good charitable family activity that’ll teach the kids about giving back, as well as keep the whole family moving.

* Make grocery shopping an opportunity to be active; instead of allowing your child to sit in the trolley, get your comfy sneakers on and speed walk through the aisles, perhaps even playing games like ‘Can you spot the [insert name of grocery item]?’

It’s best to do this when you hit the shops early and there are fewer people, as it may not be as fun having your child turbo through aisles in a busy supermarket.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you have any other great ‘stay active’ ideas to share with other families!


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