The benefits and drawbacks of e-learning

Training staff in the digital age

To retain your employees, you have to continually enable them to do their jobs well by providing training and development. E-learning, or learning that is conducted through electronic media like computers via the internet, provides benefits for both the employer and employee.


Organisations can provide their employees with standardised training that is flexible and also cost-saving; there is no need to fly in staff from various locations to be trained by a trainer or facilitator, sometimes over a number of sessions – everything is online and can be accessed at any time, from any location that has a computer and an internet connection.

This same flexibility is what appeals to employees, especially in this generation that strives towards achieving a work-life balance; learning can take place at work, in between projects, without full days having to be set aside for training. E-Learning assignments usually offer immediate feedback, allowing employees to evaluate their degree of understanding of the topics discussed soon after they’ve completed a module.

Because e-learning usually takes place independently, the learner may feel isolated and removed from team mates, encouraging the use of e-learning discussion forums is key in helping to prevent this concern.


It’s also important to note that e-learning is dependent on good quality content, and what may be seen as the drawbacks of e-learning in comparison to traditional training, is that it requires good technology and internet connections, as well as willingness from the learner – learning can only can take place in this space if users fully apply themselves. This drawback can be managed, though, by incorporating theory or practical tests after each e-learning module. Through proper facilitation, e-learning will benefit the organisation, the employer and the employee.

Try e-learning for yourself; enrol for course or two, and tell me about your experiences in the comments section below.

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