Detox & cleanse from the inside

Spring has sprung!

… and your cupboards and drawers are not the only things that need spring cleaning – use the fruits, vegetables and other produce in your kitchen to help you detox. 

Detox-and-Cleanse-From-The-Inside-juiceHere are three simple juice recipes; make your own nutrient-packed juice now

Red Sun Juice 
Start your cleanse with this.

You’ll need:
A juicer or blender
Five carrots
One beet (medium-sized)
One parsnip (medium-sized)
One 2cm piece of ginger (root)
One lemon, squeeze out the juice only
A pinch of sea salt

How to:
Put the vegetables and ginger into your juicer, stir in lemon juice and salt.
Sit back, enjoy – here’s to a good cleanse!

Ginger Green Juice

You’ll need:
A juicer
One cup of chopped collard greens
Half a cup of kale
Half a cup of dandelion greens
Half a cup of beet greens
Three stalks of celery
Three green apples
One lemon, peeled
One 2cm piece of ginger (root)

How to:
Put the greens through your juicer, then add the celery, apples, lemon and ginger.

Smurf Juice

You’ll need:
A juicer
A blender, muddler, or mortar and pestle (to crush the berries)
Three stalks of celery
One small lemon, peeled
One small grapefruit, peeled
One 2cm piece of ginger (root)
One punnet of blueberries (about 100g)

How to:
Put the celery, lemon, grapefruit and ginger through your juicer. Then blend the juice and blueberries.
Alternatively, you can crush the berries in a mortar and pestle or with a muddler, and then manually mix in with your juice.

Adapted from: The Seven-Day Total Cleanse, McGuire-Wien, M.


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